Mezzie + Frank Table Restoration

I found this old table on the side of the road a couple of months ago with a Free sign attached. I borrowed a ute and my daughter and we took it to the shed. Amy said Mum this is crap!! The veneer on the base was all peeling off and it was in two pieces. The first job was to glue and clamp the veneer. The first picture is after that was done. I lightly sanded the top and just used our dark wax with steel wool. The timber veneer was so beautiful! Because it is a dining table I waxed it with our Carnubua wax after the dark wax as it sets harder and you can polish it. The base is painted with two coats of Pavlova and waxed. I think I am going to give it to Amy for Christmas as she is starting to collect things for when she leaves home. What do you think?

Cheers Mezzie xx