Meet another Favourite

With over 70 stockists we are lucky to have so many great friends who are experts in all things Mezzie and Frank. They are all ready to help you all with any queries you have or advise on any projects you are working on. Many of our stockists also hold workshops.
Today we would like to introduce you to Rachel from Old Favourites. One of our Brisbane stockists located at 228 Rainbow St Sandgate. Wife, mother of 7, Teacher, Retailer, Talented painter, stylist extraordinaire, home renovator and beautiful woman.
Drop by and say hello when you are in the area.

Mezzie inspired homewares


We love this space…
Homewares at Old Favourites

Favourites new and old

Rachel from Old Favourites

Wife, Mother, teacher, retailer, talented beautiful woman.

Mezzie + Frank paint at Old Favourites

Rachel’s Mezzie + Frank corner


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