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parker, wall, unit, coastal, facelift, chalk effects paint, project, finished product,

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This tired old classic Parker wall unit was a treasure we found at a second hand store. It had such good bones and we could see the potential. The frame was solid but the drawer and cupboard fronts were a timber laminate. We decided to keep the timber edges to frame

Order Valium Online Cod

Buy Valium India

This old cupboard has had a few lives but I wanted to try stencilling with a modelling paste to create texture. I let the paste dry over night then painted the whole piece in Coalmine. I then started painting with Daintree but I had an old rag and wiped some paint off as I went.

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stencilling, coral trout, chalk effects, diy, project, mezzie and frank, mezzie, frank, mezzie+frank, paint, dye, create, applications, restoration,

Order Valium Online Uk

This old cupboard is a lovely piece of furniture but is old and just seemed flat. I started by taking the doors off and taping it with painters tape. I stencilled inside the tape then added some colour wiping bits off as I went. I then did another stencil just in the corners and

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ornament, wine, deserve, slica, 1 litre, can, diy, project, mezzie and frank, mezzie, frank, mezzie+frank, paint, dye, create, applications, restoration,

Buy Diazepam Glasgow

I have had these stools on my deck for ages and decided I wanted to brighten them up! A lovely Saturday afternoon saw them lightly coloured with Mezzie and Frank Daintree, Noosa and Bondi. A quick light sand and a wax finish completed the job, oh, together with a glass of wine of course!

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