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vast, interiors, homewares, furniture,

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Welcome aboard Vast Interiors Townsville and Mackay from Mezzie + Frank  .
We very warmly welcome our latest stockists on board.  Kerry and Phil from Vast Interiors are excited about offering this fabulous product to the people of Townsville and Mackay. We are

Order Valium Online Cod

Buy Diazepam Online Australia

Mezzie + Frank chalk effects went to Melbourne for the Australian Trade Fair and had lots of fun! We had a great stall full of Mezzie + Frank colours and creations, and attracted a lot of great attention!  We had visits from some wonderful stockists and even a celebrity or two

Valium Online Prescription

Buy Diazepam In Uk Next Day Delivery

Here we are in Marian in North Queensland with Andrea from Country Charm Garden and Gift.  They are having their very first Mezzie + Frank chalk effects workshop. Great crowd and wonderful outdoor rural setting amongst the iconic cane fields.

Valium 10Mg Buy Uk
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Roche Valium Online Uk

We are lucky to be in Ayr doing another wonderful workshop. Wonderful people and wonderful town. Standby for the end results – these ladies are doing some beautiful work with Mezzie + Frank and their imagination and talent. Thank you Maree from Jo’s Gifts and Linen for bringing this group together.

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mezzie, frank, m+f, mezzie and frank, workshop, happy, tutorials, students, DIY, project, learn, inspiration, gifts, linen, atherton,

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We had such a great day with Emma and her class at her very first Mezzie + Frank chalk effects workshop at Fine Fettle Furnishings in Atherton. Their space there is just lovely, and their stying is really impressive! The workshop visitors had lots of fun and everyone

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